What is a canvas made suit?

A canvas made suit refers to the traditional technique used to construct a suit jacket. The suit jacket is constructed with a layer of horsehair interlining (known as “canvas”) underneath the wool outerlining. This canvas holds the shape of the suit and keeps it from sagging or deforming. The canvas is cut to the jacket’s shape, the wool is then stitched to the canvas.

A canvas made suit will mould to the body, so long as the right materials are made to make it. Most suits today, even top end fashion brands, use a fusible interlining which is glued to the wool shell of the suit. It's faster to do this, and allows for decreased manufacturing time, however, over time the glue can degrade and the wool detaches creating a bubbling effect.


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Why is it important to use natural fibres?

We endeavor for all our businesswear to be constructed from as much natural fibre as possible. The reason for this is because natural fibres breathe better and are more comfortable to wear. Our preferred fabrics are wool (suiting), cotton (shirting), horsehair (jacket interlining) and Bemberg Cupro (suit lining).


How do I get fit?

You can either measure yourself at home (with the help of a friend), or go to a local tailor/alterations shop to be professionally measured. Measurements are really important so that we can provide you with clothes that are a perfect fit.

We have created a detailed measurement guide, including video instructions for how the measurements should be taken. This is important to use even if you have a professional tailor/alterations shop measure you as our tailors make to these specific measurements.

Measuring will take about 15 minutes, and we take approximately 25 measurements. We don’t apologise for taking this number of measurements, our commitment to you is to provide you with clothing that is Perfectly Made, Perfectly You.

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When will I receive my order?

Once you have placed an order, we allow up to 3 weeks for your order to arrive. If you opted for one of our packages (“Shirts & Ties” or “Shoes & Socks”), your new shipments will arrive every other month.

Can I change my measurements at any time?

Absolutely. When you create an account with Canvas Cut, you will be prompted to enter your measurements into your Profile under the "Your Measurements". The measurements section has quick video links on how to take your measurements, and you can edit these measurements at any time.

What if my clothing doesn’t fit?

We have a Fit Guarantee and we don’t want you to feel anxious about your clothes not fitting you when they arrive. Its simple, if your garment doesn’t fit for any reason, we’ll pay for it to be altered and if it can’t be altered, we’ll remake it.

Why don't you have as many options to customise my clothing as other online tailors?

We wanted to take some of the pain out the tailoring process, and we think that most people want stylish businesswear that fits them well. We don't think our customers want to become experts in suiting style. Let us be the style experts, and you choose from a range of the latest styles (suits, shirts and shoes), at affordable prices.

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