How It Works

3 easy steps… and in 4-6 weeks, you’ll be wearing your new duds.


Just complete the below details and one of our stylist will be in a jiffy.


All our Canvas Cut Collections for Suits, Shirts and Shoes are 'on trend'. Our mission is for men to “To look great and feel great”, but not have to be a fashion expert. Let our style consultants be the style experts and let everyone around you go "WOW".


Our style consultants are experts in what makes men look great, let them help you get the look you want! With Canvas Cut your style consultant will become your look guru, someone who can really help you express who you want to be through your look.

In your first fitting consultation your stylist will initially consult with you on your current look, is it where you want to be, does it represent you.., they'll measure you up (no fear this is a simple process but does take about 15-20 minutes). From there they'll show you through the Canvas Cut fabric ranges and talk to you about styles and clothing constructions. At the end of this 45 minute introduction you'll be armed with the power to make great decisions about your next clothing purchases.

And best of all we do it all for Nicks... yep free!

Request a fitting


We've tried to keep it simple, so here goes.... In short you order something, we make it and have it to you with in 3 weeks.

Well theres a bit more too it but you don't have to see or worry about any of that. We want the process to be easy and once we have you "Measured", ordering is easy, our style consultants keep an eye on new fabrics and let you know according to your look and purchase profile when its time to update things.

We have loads of ways to pay, and one click ordering so you need never fear that small lonely changing cubicle again!


After you place your order, we don’t want you feeling anxious that your clothes won’t fit. For that reason, we have created the Canvas Cut Fit Guarantee. Your Stylist will work with you to ensure your garment fits perfectly but if for any reason there is a fit issue, your stylist will work with you to rectify it and it won't cost you a pretty penny. Maybe a little time without your garment though.

See our Terms of Use for more information.


And no minimum purchase amount required.

Canvas Cut clothing is made-to-measure and delivered within 3 weeks from the time of purchase. We offer free shipping on all orders and don’t require a minimum purchase amount.

how it Works


"Canvas Cut provides a superior quality product along with a service that makes you feel special. I haven’t had clothes bring a smile to my face for years. Canvas Cut gives you the feeling that you’re worth something! "
Malcolm — Director

"Canvas Cut is amazing. I am the proud owner of a stunning and classically designed tux that will last me for years. The fabric, the design, the finish came in beyond my expectations. The measuring process was easy and the suit fits perfectly on first try. And best of all the price was great. Thanks so much! "
Greg — CEO

"My suit and shirts are amazing, thanks!
They fit perfectly."
Richard — Solicitor

"I recently ordered a sports jacket, shirt and made-to-measure shoes from Canvas Cut. The whole experience exceeded my expectation albeit the jacket required some minor alteration, which was quickly sorted out by Canvas Cut.

We have a casual Friday dress code in the office and this sharp sports jacket has received plenty of positive comment from my colleagues…
Thanks Canvas Cut, so easy to have tailor made clothes and shoes made-to-measure."
Mark — Company Director

"I had two Canvas Cut suits arrive last week. Perfect for making a good impression at my new job, the suits look and feel amazing. The all natural fibres make a real difference keeping me cool on my walk to work.”
Adam — Solicitor

Style Made Easy. Perfectly Made… Perfectly You.