Our Quality

At Canvas Cut, we are on a mission “To help men look great and feel great.”

Quality Fabrics

Being from New Zealand, we are passionate about ensuring our clothes are made from quality natural materials. We have scoured dozens of countries in search of genuine, quality, natural fibre fabrics. Finding 100% wool suiting, quality leathers, and 100% cotton shirting was no easy feat.

Why 100% Wool?

We stand by our fabric quality and only use 100% natural wool. Polyester is made chemically from synthesized polymers. It won't breathe, and unfortunately is flammable. This is why we have the mantra “No polyester, not even a little bit.” Our clothing is:

  • Softer and more comfortable
  • Allows the suit to mould to your body shape
  • Breathes and removes moisture away from your body
  • Cool in the summer and warm in the winter

Why Bemberg Cupro?

Bemberg Cupro is a natural fibre extracted from cotton. It’s more durable and long lasting than silk and has these qualities:

  • Breathes and dries quickly
  • Removes heat and moisture away from the body
  • Super soft and comfortable
  • Static free unlike polyester

Why Canvas Construction?

A canvas made suit jacket is the prestige suit to own. It is synonymous with bespoke tailoring. The suit jacket is constructed with a horsehair "canvas" chest piece which floats in between the wool outer-lining and the inner-lining. This canvas holds the shape of the suit and keeps it from sagging or deforming. A canvas made suit will mold to the body.

  • Breathes and stops dampness building up in the jacket
  • Horsehair allows your jacket to mold to your body shape
  • Light and comfortable
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Quality Making

It isn’t enough to use quality fabrics, to achieve superb styling, you must have top notch, expert craftspeople to cut and sew your garments. We have met with literally hundreds of tailors to find tailors who wanted to create quality, stylish clothing that lasts.

Additionally, we have gone the extra mile around quality finishing, such as:

  • Full (not half) canvas construction for our suit jackets
  • Fully lining all our suit pants down to the shin
  • All our pants come with an additional support strap at the waist
  • Full Bemberg Cupro lines our suit jackets, even down the arms

Fit Guarantee

We don’t want you feeling anxious that your clothes won’t fit when they arrive. For that reason, we have our Fit Guarantee. If your garment doesn't fit for any reason, we'll pay for it to be altered and if it can’t be altered, we'll remake it.

Style Made Easy. Perfectly Made… Perfectly You.

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